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PharmaSeq Joins Taconic Pre-Shipment Animal ID Program


Monmouth Junction, August 1, 2013.  PharmaSeq, Inc., today announced that it has joined the Taconic Farms, Inc. pre-shipment animal ID program for pre-tagging laboratory animals prior to customer shipments. Taconic, an industry leader in providing genetically modified rodent models, now offers p-Chip-tagged mice for direct purchase as part of the program. Pre-tagged animals bred by Taconic will allow the customer to establish a permanent chain of custody that will ensure maximum confidence in identity. Moreover, since p-Chips are unique and permanent, they provide users with the ability to continuously monitor the identity of each animal throughout its lifetime.

The p-Chip® microtransponder is a small, 500 micron, light-activated electronic device that is implanted under the tail skin prior to shipping. When an animal is received, it is registered into the customer's colony management system using a reader purchased from PharmaSeq. During subsequent experiments, the p-Chip's serial number can be repeatedly read providing assurance of the animal's identity. All Taconic personnel using p-Chips have been trained and certified in its use. The concept of using p-Chips to tag laboratory mice has been described by PharmaSeq in a peer-reviewed paper that demonstrated its features that are key in preventing the loss of valuable data, time, and resources. The p-Chip tagging system is already in use at several pharmaceutical companies and leading universities.

Richard Morris, CEO of PharmaSeq, commented: "We are delighted that Taconic has chosen PharmaSeq and its p-Chip technology to be included in their rodentID program. We believe that the availability of tagged, research-ready animals will benefit the entire research community by providing a highly reliable chain of custody." Dr. Morris added: "The low cost, ruggedness and biocompatibility of p-Chips make them ideal for ensuring the identity of a laboratory mouse over its entire lifetime, a factor invaluable in animal laboratory science."

Additional information about Taconic's rodentID program is available at

About PharmaSeq.  PharmaSeq, Inc., has developed the p-Chip, an ultra-small microtransponder tag that will revolutionize several billion-dollar industries. The p-Chip is the smallest, most technologically-advanced commercial product available today for tagging and authenticating consumer goods, industrial goods and small animals. For additional information, visit

For further information please contact:

Dr. Richard G. Morris, CEO
(732) 355-0100
PharmaSeq, Inc.
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