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Lecture on Small Animal Tagging Products at Conference

Monmouth Junction, NJ, June 11, 2010. PharmaSeq, Inc., today announced that it is making a presentation on it small animal tagging products at the Tribranch Symposium of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) that is being held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, 14 to 16 June 2010. The talk, which is being delivered by Dr. Maryann Gruda, PharmaSeq's Manager of Molecular Biology, is titled "Tagging Laboratory Mice with Light-Activated Microtransponders". Dr. Gruda will discuss the Company's development of an animal-friendly, and inexpensive method to reliably tag and track small laboratory animals during clinical trials and other activities. The technology is based on the Company's patented microtransponders ("p-Chips"), which are very small light-activated RFID devices that are placed under the skin of the animal using a specially designed injector. Serial numbers of animals are read using a proprietary ID reader ("the wand") that transmits information to a PC where it is related to a database used for monitoring animal colonies. The product is an attractive alternative to currently used techniques such as ear tags and more expensive veterinary tags. The p-Chip system eliminates the need for anesthetics and improves efficiency in testing routines while reducing stress for the animals.

In remarking on animal tagging Dr. Richard G. Morris, CEO of PharmaSeq, Inc., said: "We believe that the p-Chip technology will lead to improved reliability with experiments involving small animal testing and more humane treatment of the animals, themselves. The extremely small size of the chip also makes it possible to tag animals shortly after birth and therefore makes it possible to have cradle-to-grave tracking of entire populations providing the first realistic solution for establishing unambiguous chain of custody between breeding operations and eventual use."

p-Chips are small (500 micron square), inert electronic chips that when activated by light emit a pre-coded serial number that is read using a proprietary ID reader. PharmaSeq has perfected a simple, yet effective injection system that allows a technician, usually with less than one hour of training, to rapidly insert the p-Chip subcutaneously and register the animal in the system. Each animal takes less than one minute to tag and register. Subsequent handling and reading during experimental trials takes less than one minute per animal. Long term biocompatibility of p-Chips has been demonstrated.

PharmaSeq offers p-Chip products individually or in starter kits that contain the wand and a sufficient number of injectors to begin initial tagging experiments. Additional information about the p-Chip system is available on the Company's web site: Inquiries regarding sales and technical information should be directed to or Dr. Richard Morris at (732) 355-0100 ext 13.

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